Addison was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease. At two years old, her dad donated a kidney to her, and she was finally able to complete dialysis. At 6 years old, her liver and kidney stopped working properly. Last year, when she was seven years old, Addison received another kidney transplant, as well as a liver transplant, at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  This past June, Addison was hospitalized, and after several weeks of treatments, she was finally released in good health.



Ashley was born with Down Syndrome and has undergone over 27 surgeries as a result of her diagnosis, including open heart surgery. Despite everything she has gone through, she remains an inspiration and shining star to everyone around her! She loves going to the beach, and one of her favorite songs is Pontoon by Little Big Town. She performs this song every year for all of our Miracle Makers at Dance Marathon! If country music is playing, she is singing and dancing along.



Caleb was born with a rare autoimmune disorder, called hypogammaglobulinemia. Every four weeks he travels to Children’s to receive a special treatment to rebuild his immune system just to be able to fight off everyday germs. It takes over 150,000 donors to create each dose of his treatment! His favorite color is green, and when he eats pizza, he loves to eat the crust first. He is in the boys choir, and when he grows up he wants to be a policeman or fireman.


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Lindsey lost her sight when she was four years old, due to a rare form of cancer that manifested in her eyes. She has spent her life dedicated to raising awareness for childhood health, and is now a student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She is double majoring in Music and Psychology, and last year, she started the very first Dance Marathon at UAH!



Trace was born with severe jaundice and glaucoma. He has had over 11 corrective surgeries to fix the cataracts in his eyes. In 2016, he received the exciting news that he doesn’t need anymore eye surgeries until he is 18 years old! Every year Trace has been involved with Dance Marathon, he has been given the title of an Honorary Morale Member!


Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth was diagnosed with Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) when she was just 3 years old and began chemotherapy within a week of her diagnosis. Mary Elizabeth is now over 18 months treatment free! Mary Elizabeth danced in her dance recital while she was still receiving chemotherapy treatment which just shows how much of a miracle she is.



Kenzie was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome when she was a toddler. She was predicted to never walk, but after many surgeries to strengthen, reconstruct and straighten her feet and ankles, Kenzie not only walks, but she spins and dances, too! For this sweet girl’s sweet 16, she received news from her family that fulfills her life dream… to go to Disney World!



James was born with hydrocephalus, a spinal cord tumor, Dandy-Walker syndrome, mild cerebral palsy, cranio-cerebral disproportion, and a chiari malformation. He has had over 20 different surgeries, all at Children’s of Alabama. In 2015, James was chosen as the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Alabama Champion. James was recognized with the Vulcan Community Hero award for his “civic pride, leadership, and progress.”



Colton was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome kidney disease at just a few weeks old. He was on over 15 different daily medications and received home dialysis for years. At the age of two, he received a kidney transplant from his father, Kevin. This miracle surgery helped Colton to grow into the bright, smiling, energy-filled 6-year-old he is today. He loves corn, baseball and wants to be a doctor when he grows up.



 Marley is being treated for cervical spinal cord injury due to a motor vehicle accident when she was about 18 months old that left her ventilator dependent for several days and paralyzed from the waist down.  Even today, she spends every summer in Kentucky  to help her regain as much mobility back as possible as she grows up. When she grows up she wants to  travel the world. 



Rachel was diagnosed with transverse myelitis at the age of 2 and works hard to regain her strength, mobility and independence. She currently attends physical and occupational therapy sessions weekly at Children’s of Alabama. Our favorite quote from her: "When I grow up I want to be a mommy...or a Tiger."


Mollie Beth

Mollie Beth began her journey at Children's in April of 2016. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Hashimoto or Thyroid Disease. She undergoes bi-weekly, all-day infusions and low grade chemotherapy each month to help with the symptoms. She is one of most spunky and energetic Miracle Kids.  

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Gabrielle is a heart transplant survivor of myocarditis, and has heart biopsies every 3 months. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart that resulted in complete damage of the right side. Gabrielle is an absolute girly-girl. She loves getting her nails done and shopping.

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Mollie received care from Children's for Wilhm’s tumor-treatment (pediatric kidney cancer) from July-December 2016. She is now in early remission!! Mollie is going to be a popstar when she is older. You can usually find her watching Disney movies, dancing or crafting.



In her first two months at Children’s of Alabama, she spent the entire time on oxygen and was given a 1/300 chance of survival. Abigail needed a brain shunt to help with the brain bleed she received at birth and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Through countless surgeries and diagnoses, Abigail has prevailed. She just began 8th grade this year and is the proud older sister of Irene, Timothy, Noah, and Charais.  She loves cooking, swimming, and is a huge fan of science!

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Trey was diagnosed with stickler syndrome when he was just one-week-old. He then had a Tracheostomy, and spent a month at Children’s. The Tracheostomy stayed in until he was 2, and he has had 5 cleft palate surgeries since. He absolutely loves teaching younger kids, serving in Boy Scouts and having his Driver's License.