This is Ashley! Ashley’s favorite thing to do is dance and sing, especially to her favorite artist, Carrie Underwood. Ashley works in a hair salon and her dream job is hair stylist. She loves all things pink, Madea-related (especially Madea Goes to Jail), and her birthday. She and her mom also run a business, Hey Girl Designs, that hosts painting parties to raise awareness about Downs Syndrome! Ashley’s favorite UADM event is the Miracle Kid Talent Show.



This is Caleb. He is a huge fan of Alabama football. His favorite color is green and he loves eating pizza – the more the better! He likes to play catch, toss a football, and jump around on the bouncy house. His doctor discovered a dinosaur egg and now he loves dinosaurs. He has two older brothers and he loves to mess around with them. One of his best friends is Mollie Beth, another Miracle Kid.

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This is Lindsey Jones! Lindsey is a huge Alabama fan! Lindsey graduated from the University of Alabama Huntsville in May 2018, where she was a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. Lindsey was recently accepted into the Graduate Program at Auburn University and will be working on getting her Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling. Lindsey wants to work with children after graduation. One of Lindsey’s favorite activities is singing and will be showcasing her talent at the Miracle Kid Talent Show.



This is Trace! Trace is an extremely active kid with a strong drive for UADM! Last year he actually raised over $1000 DURING the main event! Traces favorite color is green, meaning every year he is on the GREEN TEAM! Traces favorite food is pizza, he loves playing video games and science! His favorite two animals are foxes and llama’s! When he grows up he wants to become a famous youtuber (how cool?!) His favorite holiday is Christmas and is OBSESSED with Harry Potter (who isn't honestly?)



This is Kenzie! Kenzie can make friends with everyone she meets! Kenzie has the biggest heart and loves to sing. She can sing word for word any of her favorite songs or recite her favorite movies. She loves the Disney princesses but her favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz. Her favorite animal is a cat and she loves making candles with her mom! Kenzie’s bright smile can light up any room in an instant! She is a returning UADM Miracle Kid and is ready for another fun Main Event! Be sure to give her a warm welcome if you see her!



James was born with hydrocephalus, a spinal cord tumor, Dandy-Walker syndrome, mild cerebral palsy, cranio-cerebral disproportion, and a chiari malformation. He has had over 20 different surgeries, all at Children’s of Alabama. In 2015, James was chosen as the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Alabama Champion. James was recognized with the Vulcan Community Hero award for his “civic pride, leadership, and progress.”



This is Colton! Colton is always very energetic. He loves sports, Legos, Alabama football and playing baseball with his older brother, Ethan. This is Colton’s 3rd year as a miracle kid and he is quite famous around the event for his whip and nae nae skills! Last year he got to meet Tua Tagovailoa at UADM which was super exciting! You can always find Colton busting a move on the stage or in the bounce house during the main event. Make sure to say “Hi!” When you see him.



This is Rachel Williams, a spunky girl from Tuscaloosa with a hilarious personality and love for jokes! She brightens up any room she’s in and brings so much joy to all around her. She loves the color pink - but only if it’s bright. Rachel loves hanging out with her 3 big sisters, dogs, and being sassy to her parents! She also has a fantastic opera voice & her very own Youtube Channel! (Meetings with Rachel and Melei). Rachel has a stuffed Unicorn named Unica she got for her birthday that she loves, along with many other animals. She wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up, among many other things. Nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams because of her determination and stubbornness!


Mollie Beth

Mollie Beth is a UA Dance Marathon veteran, She knows everyone and everything UADM related, so if you have any questions, go ask Mollie! She is confident, fun, and doesn’t know a stranger because anyone that she meets is instantly her best friend. Mollie Beth loves to sing and own the stage, no matter what she is doing up there. She loves to dress up in costumes as princesses or even Disney characters. She loves brownies and sweets too. Mollie also loves the color blue and is on the blue color team. When she's attending a UADM event, she probably hanging out with her good friends who are also miracle kids, Caleb and Mollie!

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This is Gabrielle (Gabby)!! Gabby is super talented with lots of dance moves up her sleeve. She stays active by dancing, gymnastics, and currently an all star in basketball. Not only is she super magical, but so is her favorite character...Unicorns!! When she grows up she hopes to one day be a nurse or the president! Her favorite food is a delicious plate of honey BBQ wings and favorite movie is Black Panther. Wakanda Forever! Her favorite part about UADM is learning the line dance!

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This is Mollie Ford! She is a sweet and sassy girl who loves dance, gymnastics, and listening to music! Her favorite food is ramen noodles and her favorite color is pink. She never leaves the house without her best pal, doggie. Playing games on her ipad is one of Mollie’s favorite pastimes and she will definitely be a famous vlogger, someday! Mollie is one talkative girl and can strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone! Mollie and her family love all things Disney; they just took a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando the fall of 2018!



This is Abigail! Abigail loves to read and taking rides on her bicycle. Her favorite character is Wonder Woman but all of UADM thinks she is the true wonder woman! She’s not picky when it comes to food and loves it all. Her favorite animal is a dog and one day wants to become a pediatric nurse. Abigail’s favorite thing to do at the event is play board games and draw. She loves disney movies and singing along to her favorite artist Kid Rock.

Trey 2.JPG


This is Trey Gober! After graduating from Holtville High School in May 2019, Trey is planning on pursuing a degree in robotic engineering at CACC. Trey loves his younger brother and sister. He has a passion for Alabama football, and will ruin your pride in a trivia contest in anything UA-sports related. Trey enjoys the simple things in life, with chicken and pizza topping his list of foods and his favorite color being red. Trey has been heavily involved with the scouts throughout his upbringing. During stressful times, Treys relies on the soothing feel of a dog’s fur coat to raise his spirits. This is Trey’s 2nd year with UADM, and he has enjoyed being a role model for all the younger kids involved in UADM.



Luke always inspired the UADM family to treat everyone with unconditional love and respect. Luke loved the sport of baseball and was a committed Red Sox fan and was a pitcher for his baseball team. His friends and family called him Superman. Luke continues to make an impact on the UADM family and his never-failing maturity and positivity encourages us all to #LiveLikeLuke.



This is Noah! Noah has an immense love for sharks, but don't worry, this awesome kid doesn't bite! His favorite characters are Batman and the Hulk. His favorite foods include starburst, cheese, and gummies (not all together). Some of his hobbies include playing with Hot Wheels cars, playing baseball, and biking. His love for cars even includes his favorite movies being all the Cars movies. One day he hopes to be a firefighter when he grows up. In the meantime we know Noah is fire on the dance floor.



This is Cooper! Cooper is a smiley boy with the best attitude. Not only is he a superhero of his own but his favorite superhero is spiderman. His favorite foods include pickles, tomatoes, and skittles. Some of his favorite things he like to do in his free time are play baseball, cook, play tag, and play with Hot Wheels cars. His favorite animals are any type of cats and dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs his favorite movie is Jurassic Parks/World. Dinosaurs may be extinct but his love for UADM will never end!



This is Bethalyn! Bethalyn is a silly girl who will make you laugh even on the rainiest days. Her hobbies include track & field, tumbling, and cooking. Speaking of her awesome athleticism and humor, her favorite characters are Wonder Woman and Groot. When she grows up she wants to be a Hematology Nurse Practitioner. With her love for music and dancing she loves the movies Pitch Perfect and Step Up which explains why she has so much fun at the main event!



This is Lyric! He’s from Montevallo, AL. This is his very first year as a miracle kid at UADM! His favorite color is red, his favorite animals are cats and dogs, and his favorite holiday is Halloween. He loves the Flash, playing with cars, and eating pizza. Lyric is super fun and energetic, and he can’t wait for his first main event!



This is Grant! Grant so far has enjoyed playing with his building blocks and tractors! Besides going out on the farm with his Great Grandparents, he loves watching the movie Cars. When he grows up he wants to be a professional food taster, because Grant is not picky about what he eats. At The Main Event, you can catch Grant getting down on the dance floor, and stealing the attention because of how cute he is!



This is Baylee Yoder! Her birthday is November 19th! Baylee wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite subject in school is reading. Her favorite color is sky blue. She loves puppies and really wants a goldendoodle or a hairless cat, but she loves all animals. Her favorite meal is pineapple and ham pizza! Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves spending it with her family and opening presents. Baylee LOVES Jojo Siwa and her clothing line! She has 14 Jojo bows! Baylee also wants to learn how to play the Violin and Piano. This is Baylee’s first year at UADM and she is so excited!



This is Brayden Butler (BB)! He may look familiar as he spoke as Children’s of Alabama Champion at the Main Event last year! He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. His favorite colors are blue and purple. BB is from Chelsea, Alabama and enjoys everything outdoors. BB specifically enjoys mountain biking competitively and rock climbing. BB has a younger sister named Joscelyn. BB loves Alabama football and playing with his sister. This is BB’s first year being a miracle kid and his second main event. BB is very social and a great public speaker!



This is Alex! Alex is quite the ladies man. He is also very passionate about animals and loves any chance to be around them! Some of his favorite movies are Lilo & Stitch, Herbie Fully Loaded, and after seeing the new BumbleBee it is definitely toward the top of his list. Alex’s favorite Disney Princess is Belle, but any princess will do. He also enjoys art and looks for any opportunity to be as silly as possible! This is Alex’s first year with UADM, so be sure to give him a warm welcome if you see him!



This is Owen! Owen really loves to play. He has a very active imagination, so he can make just about anything into a fun game! He also loves sports and the outdoors. He has even competed in several fishing competitions with his dad (and won!). When he grows up he wants to be happy. He already has lots of fun and is quick to smile, so he is well on the way to achieving his goal! He’s a social kid, and he’s always willing to make a new friend. This is Owen’s first year with UADM, so please show him how happy you are to have him around if you see him!