Lily Klootwyk


The President of UADM serves as the Air Traffic Controller of the organization. With a team of hard working, passionate individuals, the president works to make sure everyone has a smooth flight throughout the year.

If you have any questions about UADM, how to get involved, or questions about our mission, please feel free to contact Lily.


Meredith Duncan

Vice President of Campus Involvement

The Vice President of Campus Involvement mandates recruitment and involvement strategies for members seeking to get involved in UADM.

To learn more about our campus involvement strategies, contact Meredith.


Joshua Britt

Vice President of Communications

The Vice President of Communications oversees UADM’s creative process and collaborates with all other sectors to ensure that our voice is heard as we stand for those who can’t.

Learn more about becoming an Instagram influencer by emailing Josh.



Vice President of External Affairs

The Vice President of External Affairs manages corporate and community partnerships and collaborates with other sectors to increase UADM’s presence in the surrounding community.

Do you have an interest in partnering with UADM? If so, contact Annika.



Vice President of Event Planning

The Vice President of Event Planning is involved with the creation, planning, and execution of all UADM events throughout the year. Whether that be bar nights, percentage days, or the Main Event, the VP of Event Planning is responsible for the coordination of the event.

For more information about getting involved with UADM by hosting an event, contact Hannah.



Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance oversees budgeting, data tracking, and the allocation monetary resources of UADM in order to give as much to the kids as we can.

To learn more about our financial efforts, contact Andrew.



Vice President of Hospital Relations

The Vice President of Hospital Relations coordinates all events and meetings that relate to Children’s of Alabama. They work with Miracle Families to bring new families in and improve UADM relations with current families.

Interested in becoming a Miracle Family? Contact Mimi.



Vice President of Internal Affairs

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is the pilot of that plane that UADM members are on. They stay in constant contact with staff members and alumni to ensure that UADM is the best organization to be involved with on campus.

Contact Nick to get more information about UADM’s internal operations.


The Personalities of UADM Leadership