Week of Miracles: Bama and LSU Team Up to Raise $56,967.92!


During the week of Oct. 29-Nov. 3 one of the biggest SEC rivalries, The University of Alabama and Louisiana State University, came together to compete For The Kids. Both university Dance Marathon programs went against each other to see who could collect the most donations in a competition called Week of Miracles. Each day held a different way to raise awareness on the UA campus, gain staff members, spread excitement about the game, enjoy some tasty treats, and most importantly, collect donations FTK! Here is how we pulled off an awesome Week of Miracles:



On Sunday, the first day of Week of Miracles, the competition started off with a big push for recruitment to register more students to join UADM. Staff members were given a special promotion code, which offered $5 off the registration fee for their friends to join the organization. More staff means more miracles, and this registration push did not disappoint!



Monday was faculty outreach and on-campus canning day. Miracle Makers were able to connect with their professors and can for donations in their classes. UADM staff members were spread throughout academic buildings, the Ferg, dorms, etc. and brought the student body together to collect donations FTK. The special registration code was still available for students who wanted to join UADM. Gameday buttons, specially crafted just for the kids and the big game, were given around campus for a donation too! Not only did the buttons spread lots of excitement all over campus for one of the best rival games of the season, but also raised money FTK!



On Tuesday, UADM staff members were challenged to collect at least one donation from every state in America. Students reached out nationwide to complete this challenge that stemmed from just one college campus, all the way out to the entire country. What a way to bring people together, united for the kids.



Wednesday was spirit day at a local Tuscaloosa favorite, Frutta Bowls! 10 percent of each purchase at Frutta Bowls went to benefit Children’s of Alabama. Also on this day, the #tideby45 challenge was in full force. Each staff member was challenged to raise $45 by blasting this hashtag to not only raise money FTK, but to spread awareness of the ultimate goal for this year’s dance marathon. The number 45 was chosen because UADM’s overall goal is to reach $450,000 by the end of the Main Event in February.



Thursday was cookie day! Staff members and Miracle Makers gathered at tables inside various buildings around campus and gave away a delicious variety of cookies for a donation. People dressed up as cookies to tell the campus community where they can find the tasty treats. The best part of the day was the special event later that night, where staff members were able to visit Children’s of Alabama and bring cookies!



Friday, the last day of Week of Miracles, was social media blowout day! UADM participants posted pictures of our treasured Miracle Kids at Children’s of Alabama all over social media. This was a fun way to show who the staff gets to work with directly, and let followers see who they can help impact with even one small donation.

Week of Miracles was a huge success For The Kids. Despite the rivalry between the two universities, both student bodies were able to unite as one with a bigger goal in mind. With the hard work and fire of the competition, both schools were able to raise a grand total of $56,967.92 FTK! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!!

Maddie Stevens