It’s the Final Countdown: What You Need for the Marathon

We are less than one day away from the biggest day of the year: The Main Event! UADM is just one day away from the biggest celebration of life, miracles and dancing. The Main Event is a 13.1-hour long marathon of games, entertainment, and hanging with our Miracle Families to wrap up this year’s fundraising efforts. Despite all of your excitement for the big day, you’re going to need some items to help push you over the finish line and through these last 13.1 hours. To help you out, we’ve made a list of what you might need to pack.


UADM is providing lunch, dinner and some snacks, but you still should bring your own stash of granola bars, chips and sweets to stay fueled throughout the day. Don’t forget a water bottle! Gotta stay #hydrated.


You might want to make it portable. Just like you need to stay powered up,your phone needs a full battery as well. Throughout the day, you’re not going to want to miss out on taking pictures with your favorite miracle kids, and getting a bomb snap story so your lame friends who didn’t show up get some serious FOMO. On top of that, with your phone charged up, you have the power to send that text, snap or DM  to secure some donations and #MakeItRainFTK!

EXTRA CA$H/Venmo/Card

You will also be able to enter charity drawings, buy extra snacks (#blessed) and lock your friends in the jail room. There will be a table of merch for sale, too! We’ll have all of your favorite swag: headbands, shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, stickers and more. Did we mention that all purchases made at the Main Event are #FTK?


Show off your color team spirit with bandanas, extra paint, necklaces or even a boa. Feel free to bring glow sticks, your most comfortable dancing shoes and a friend to register day of.

Most importantly… bring your best attitude. We know it’s a long day, but we do it For The Kids who can’t. The Main Event is a celebration of miracles made, a future with more birthdays, a healthier tomorrow and the incredible fundraising that YOU have done! So, get ready to dance, sing, play games and fundraise FTK! Here’s to the biggest celebration of the year. We can’t wait to see you there.

Maddie Stevens