UADM Introducing: Marathon Mania

UADM announced last week that the Main Event is now expanding to 13.1 hours—an official half marathon! As the Main Event quickly approaches, we are starting to prepare for the miles ahead. This week we are kicking off training with Marathon Mania. This was created to reflect on the 13.1-hour change and to optimize our efforts of reaching our $450k goal for our Miracle Kids.


Marathon Mania is happening on Jan. 24-25, when we have 48 hours to raise $48,000 FTK! This will be our biggest fundraising push in January as we get closer and closer to the Main Event. (Countdown update: 26 days!) Last semester on $100 Day, we raised a total of $63,710.30 in just 24 hours. We broke the record then, and we can’t wait to see what miracles will be made now!

To stay on track for the Main Event Half Marathon, there will be weekly ‘training’ updates posted on our social media up until the Main Event. Follow our Instagram (@uadancemarathon) and Twitter (@UADanceMarathon) to check out those updates and stay in the loop with us!

1702036_JH_472_UADM 2.JPG

On Jan. 24, 10 percent of each purchase at Frutta Bowls will go directly to UADM for Marathon Mania. There will also be Greek point opportunities and tabling set up at the Ferg. On the 25th there will be a big merch sale going on at the Ferg with a bunch of new items to pick up—everything from fanny packs, sweatbands, water bottles, t-shirts, etc. You can also stop by the tables to get more information on UADM and different ways to get involved.


We are so excited for these new changes to this year’s Main Event and trying fun new ways to raise awareness of UADM and what we do For The Kids. Get ready for everything we have in store for Marathon Mania and the Main Event! A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to donating to UADM, a donation of any amount is so valued and makes a bigger difference than you may think! If you are interested in joining UADM in our efforts of being FTK, follow this link.

Maddie Stevens