13.1 is the New 12

As promised, UADM has some very exciting announcements about the upcoming Main Event. In the past, Dance Marathon has been an energy-packed 12-hour-long event where students are dancing, playing games, and enjoying other entertainment to celebrate the total amount of donations received for the kids in the past year. With each new year of UADM, there are new goals to continue to make each year even better than the last. For UADM 2018, we are coming together to see just how far we can go.

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With that being said…

This year, UADM is expanding the Main Event from 12 hours to 13.1 hours!!!

This means that UADM is officially a half marathon! We are absolutely thrilled about this exciting news and expanding the opportunity to fundraise FTK!

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Last year UADM raised $340,000.17 (pictured above). It took a lot of hard work and dedication that came to fruition at the end of last year’s Main Event. Each year, the students never cease to amaze us with their passion and commitment to UADM, the Miracle Kids and Children’s of Alabama. Our next exciting announcement is that our goal for this year is to raise a total of $450,000!!!

These big goals show how much UADM has successfully grown and evolved more and more each year. We hope you’re as excited as we are for UADM 2018—the best one yet! The news of the 13.1 hours and the $450k fundraising goal was announced on campus today at 2 p.m. There were big red numbers scattered around campus, then brought together in the Quad for the big announcement reveal, pictured below.


This marathon theme will shine through in all of UADM’s efforts from now through the Main Event, including next week’s Marathon Mania. Previously Miracle Mania, this is our biggest January fundraising push and reflects the change to 13.1 hours. There will be more details released next week about this theme and all it has in store, including training updates on how you can prepare for the Main Event on Feb. 17. Get ready!

UADM is so excited for these new changes and to see the strength and passion behind all of the team members. Get ready for the best DM Main Event yet- just 31 days away! Don’t forget to sign up and join us in dancing for the kids who can’t.

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If you would like to donate or get involved with UADM 2018, first of all, THANK YOU! Every penny raised goes to the kids and is more significant than most may think. Follow this link to join UADM in our efforts in being FTK! (For The Kids) 

Maddie Stevens