Conquering This Semester: What We Can Learn from the Natty and Our Miracle Kids

Welcome back to school students and staff members! We hope you are having an awesome first week of classes. The UADM fam is very excited to get back to work for another great semester because the Main Event is just 37 days away!!! We have some big upcoming announcements–be sure to stay tuned for those!

What better way to kick off this spring semester with an incredible NATTY win for the Tide? Nick Saban and the football team taught the Bulldogs how to behave, what can that game and our Miracle Kids teach us about conquering this new semester?


Stressed Out? Sing it Out!

With every semester, college brings out stress with chaotic schedules, responsibilities, exams, and projects. A healthy way to relieve some of that pressure is through singing and dancing away the stress! If you’ve ever been to an Alabama football game, you’ve probably heard the famous fight song ‘Yea Alabama’ or the victory song ‘Rammer Jammer.’ These songs ignite the team and light up the passion of the fans to create a thrilling environment for gamedays, which certainly showed during the Natty. Just as the Tide sings in celebration or victory, music also consumes our Miracle Kid, Ashley. Ashley loves to sing and dance, and perform her favorite song, ‘Pontoon’ by Little Big Town each year at the UADM Main Event. Make sure you’re at the Main Event to sing and dance away any semester stresses, and to watch Ashley shine!

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There’s a First Time for Everything

There were a few true freshmen who rolled the Tide to victory in this game. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, running back Najee Harris, offensive lineman Alex Leatherwood, and wide receivers DeVonta Smith and Jerry Jeudy all are first-year college students and new Alabama football team members. The first-year players were absolutely critical to this national title, and this was something they had never experienced before. Most had never even started for an Alabama game yet. Just as the Tide first years worked hard to chase their dreams, Miracle Kid Lindsey is passionately pursuing her goals and dreams. She attends the University of Alabama in Huntsville and in 2016, she started the FIRST Dance Marathon at UAH. Lindsey fearlessly pursued these passions and will forever change the lives around her. Just as the Tide and Lindsey both faced moments of firsts, you can set new first-time goals for yourself this semester. New exercise goals, study habits, or get perfect attendance to your classes—these new goals can help make this semester a successful one.


Be Your Best Self

In college, there are some of the greatest and hardest times of one’s life. It’s important to take on the challenges with a strong mindset, be a leader, and continue to push forward. During times of stressful exams and projects, it’s important to still maintain your good character and help those around you. Jalen Hurts was switched out of the game, bringing in freshman Tua Tagovailoa. This had to have been a hard switch for Hurts. But he kept his head in the game, and stayed right next to Tagovailoa all the way to the end. He supported, encouraged, and helped coach the new player. Hurts mentally stayed in the game and showed true leadership, even when Tagovailoa took over and helped win the game. True leadership is a special gift, which is something that our Miracle Kids Trey and James strongly display. Trey is passionate about teaching younger kids and serving in Boy Scouts. He is a natural leader and has the biggest heart for those around him. James has been chosen as Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Alabama Champion in 2015. James was also recognized with the Vulcan Community Hero award for his “civic pride, leadership, and progress.” These authentic traits of leadership, strength and hard work from Jalen, Tua, James, and Trey are reminders that we should always do our best and work hard to be our best selves, even in moments of difficulty the semester may bring.

We hope you all have a great spring semester! Don’t forget to check out the upcoming announcements from UADM, and see how you and your friends can get involved with the UADM Main Event just 32 days away. RTR and FTK!!

Maddie Stevens