BAMAthon is going to be the best day of the year!


In order to make it even better, there are some things you'll need to remember:

  • Have your Donor Drive link. WE PROMISE you will need it during BAMAthon, so go to and search your own name in the "Fundraiser Search" bar. Copy your URL and save it as a note in your phone, or even better, share it on your social media! Just make sure you'll be able to find it during BAMAthon.

  • Pack your bag! We'll have bag check available, but we don't have eyes in the back of our heads, so be cautious of bringing any valuables. Here are the things you definitely don't want to forget

    • Ca$h (or Venmo)

      • You'll be able to put your friends in jail, get some cool FTK merchandise, enter some awesome charity drawings and buy extra snacks. PLUS all of that money is For The Kids!

    • Your ACT card

      • We'll be swiping in for Greek Points and Service Hours during check-in

    • A water bottle

      • Dancing and standing for 13.1 hours is hard work. You'll want to stay hydrated, so bring a water bottle to refill throughout the day.

    • Snacks

      • We're providing lunch and dinner as well as some other food items throughout the day (things like popcorn, cotton candy, cookies), but it's always nice to have your own snacks in case you get hangry.

  • Wear your dancing shoes! (Tennis shoes. Wear tennis shoes.) Don't forget your Color Team gear and theme hour costumes!

  • Eat a good breakfast. Some say it may even be the most important meal of the day.

  • Arrive! Park in the Ferguson Center lot and come into the Ferg through the doors by the food court on the second floor. Be here by 9:45am to get checked in, put your bag away, and meet your color team!

So there you have it! Equip yourselves with these items when you come to BAMAthon and you'll be an #FTK pro all DM day!