It's all about family.



A Miracle Family is a family with a child who has spent time at Children’s of Alabama  and is involved with UADM. Miracle Families experience the direct support of UADM. Whether it’s sharing the Miracle Child’s latest achievement on social media or cheering them on at a soccer game, UADM is excited to support! Miracle Children are also invited to share their story and celebrate with everyone who has supported them during The Main Event in February. These courageous kids are our inspiration and heroes, and we believe in the power of making them feel special.

Miracle Families and their Miracle Children are the reason that UADM exists!


Who do I contact?

If your family (or a family you know) has a child who has received treatment at Children’s and would like to participate in UADM, contact Tristan Portwood or Laurel Wenckowski @ or